A while ago mom craved to watch the Jane Eyre film from 2011. Jane Eyre was my favourite book when I was about 13-14, now I haven't read it in years. But I brought mom my copy for first aid. "I guess I should get that book in english and read it again." / "It will take a lot of money and space to buy books in two languages." / "Oh no, no, I don't buy book is Finnish anymore. (If they are originally in English.) I have that because I bought it when I was about 13 and didn't read books in english yet." / Yeah right. Today. / "Now that I did those bank-thingies I could pop in library, I don't really have anything to do there but I feel like going there." / Must check the books they are selling away "What is this?!" / "Maurice by E. M. Forster!" "This is clearly fate!" / The translation is something so unbelivable that I MUST buy this." Pardon me all you Forster-fans in my town, but I was here first! / On my way home I almost got hit buy a car because apparently the driver forgot to useturn signal. "Frigging doofus, it would've been your fault if my lovely Morrie had become and orphan!" / "But yes, good riddance me not buying books in two languages." "But this situation was sort of exceptional."

Ensimmäistä kertaa vuosiin mulla on erilainen, huomattavasti isompi piirrustusvihko, sen käyttö vaatii näemmä totuttelua. Heh.