Emma at elementary school: / "What are you going to do on weekend?" "Cousins will come to visit." "I think I'll draw." / "Draw?" "Yes!""How can someone draw the whole weekend?" / Emma nowadays: "Yay, no schoolwork, I can draw whole weekend!" / It seems like some things never change.

We had a tour at The Glasgow School of Art. The building, which is (according to 443578X elections) the most beautiful building in Scotland (and maybe even in UK), has been designed by Mr. Mackintosh, who is known for his massive moustache. / They put a moustache stamp on each ticket. / And I, who have hated moustache for years, found out that I couldn't continue living without a moustache brooch. "I must have this!" / "I have joined to the lot of the crazy moustache-enthusiastics." <--- my hair looks terrible nowadays.

The tour was great. And our tour-leader was very charming. (She studies cheramics.) / There was a lot of stairs in art nouveau-building.

And at the end of the tour

Small big encounters that made me superglad (in Scotland) / "Wow, now I have my own personal moustache!" "Moustache!" / Later we talked a little about the architecture of Glasgow School of Art. 

A record shop at Edinburgh / "Someone complimented my jacket!"

I had an amazing nap at the lounge of Loch Ness' hotel. We only saw plastic, plushie and chocolateversions of the famous monster.