Of course this day when I absolutely must get all the artwork done is the day... when I can't draw anything at all. / I'm supposed to illustrate my favourite song, the best assignment ever... But everything that my pencil decides to do is something unbelievably horrendous. / I was going to make Patty's (Patrick Wolf's) The Libertine, it has amazing lyrics. But when I tried to get my idea on the paper all fucked up. 

So I´changed the song and now I have about five almost identical unfinished things about National's Sorrow and there's something wrong with each one! / And now I wonder whether I should give up with it too and do Fleet Foxes' Sim Sala Bim instead. / Orrrrrr then I could be an embarrassing fangirl again and illustrate Me and You, Watson by Alec Ounsworth. / ...Or then I can apparently just draw pointless entries to my blog. Yup.