We went to this Scotland Highlands and Loch Ness bus tour the other day. / Our company was quite international. / Scotland, China, India, Kanada, Finland. / If I said that the scenery was magnificent it would be the worst understatement of the century. / "Ever since I was little I've thought that if I decide to kill myself I'll go to Norwegian fjords because it's so damn beautiful there that I would certainly change my mind." "Well, it's at least as beautiful in the highlands."

But one of the best things happened in the yard of a tourist shop in the middle of nowhere. / I was standing alone, looking around me. / But then we had to go. / While waiting for the others this Indian lady came to talk to me. / "What the pants, how does she know that I paint?"

"Have I kept my sketchbook somewhere where she could have seen it, we'll I have it with me but I haven't drawn anything today, how does she know that I paint, I just don't get it." / "Oh, who cares." / We talked for instance about the meaning of art in education. I love it when people talk to me.

My birthday was amazing / "A coffee maker! Not, it's a potty!" "Correct!" / In the evening I went to Noora's to play Pictionary. (And Trivial Pursuit.) / People gave me so beautiful cards that I almost cried!" How have I gotten to know all these nice people, I wonder. I know a lot of wonderful people. (Not only those who gave me cards, mind you.)

Mun on välillä niin vaikeaa käsittää, miten ihmisvihaajien päät toimii. Vissiin niitä ei olla viskelty tällaisilla ihanuuksilla

I don't know how those who hate people function. I guess they haven't received this kind of amazing cards. Take a look above.

Oh hey, there's a new trailer of Ritchie Holmes. / The first movie was horrible and the first trailer of that second one made me cry but I guess I could take a quick look. / "For real, people."

Tässä elokuvassa voi olla ainoastaan yksi hyvä puoli: se on niin helskutin kaukana Sherlock Holmesista, etten osaa ajatella sitä suosikkikirjojeni leffaversiona. Se on vain erikoinen puoliviktoriaaninen äksönpläjäys, jonka henkilöhahmot sattuvat olemaan kaimoja Sir Arthur Conan Doylen luomien hahmojen kanssa. Ja ai niin, onhan siitä myös Stephen Fry. Ja joo Eddie Marsan. Mutta se siitä. ARGH.