Someone asked me to draw about me and alcohol. Now I notice that I don't have much to say. But let's get started. Emma as a child: "Emma, would you like to taste a teensy bit of red wine?" "No, I've tasted it once and it was gross." My family has never been drinking much, my mom and stepdad are those kind of "one glass of wine with a good meal"-people. When I was kid I never saw anyone drunk. Emma a couple of years ago: "Yeah I def don't drink ever and alcohol is bad." A classic black-and-white teenager. I'm sure I was horrible. I'm still ashamed of being an arse to a hew friends who liked to drink reasonably once in a while. Sorry guys, everyone's stupid sometimes (and I am stupid quite often).

Nowadays: Everyone has a right to drink as much or as little as they like. I don't get getting wasted just for getting wasted's sake but then again, whatever rocks your boat, man. If the only way to have fun is to drink so much that you have to spend the next day with your head in the toilet seat you might want to reconsider your habits but oh well. Do what you like.

One more thing: the reason for me not going to university parties is not that the students tend to drink a lot BUT that nine times out of ten I prefer being an unsocial loser and staying home in order to read. This reminded me of a conversation from August... "Hey Emma, now that you're moving to Turku..." "Yeah?" "...Are you going to frequent LGBT-parties?" "What?"

"Like, you know, so that you could find someone special." "Hahaha!" "No!" "Why not?" "For goodness sake, you know why, going to parties would definitely bring up my absolute worst." 1. Music is loud, I would have to shout everything I want to say. Plus, I'm terrible at small talk. "SO THEN FOUR PEOPLE DROWNED IN PIG SHIT!" "Unh okay bye." 2. I can dance only A) folk dance and B) wnb-Saturday Night Fever-disco. "Step and jump, step and jump, jump jump jump and jump!" 3. I'm sure that in the end I'd be sitting in a corner sulking. "Why is no one talking to me." End of story.

Nyt oon tuntikausia miettinyt, kehtaako tätä ees laittaa internetin ihmeelliseen maailmaan. No, täällä tää nyt on.