My most important idols

"I never painted dreams or nightmares, I only painted my own reality."

(Yeah it was funny when I got bored with drawing this after Stephen Fry and just scribbled Mark, Frida and Patrick on a paper in suc a nanosecond that I'm almost ashamed of posting this. ALMOST.)

Korvaan järkyttävät suhruni postaamalla suosikkikuvani jokaisesta! JEI!

But I'll compensate my horrible scribbles by posting my favourite picture of everyone. Yay!

Noin. (Jos vain suinkin on tilaisuus postata kuva a) Mark Gatissista sukkahousuissa tai b) Patrick Wolfista ankkavillapaidassa, käytän sen hyödykseni. Aina.)

Like that. (If I have a chance to post a picture of either a) Mark Gatiss in stockings or b) Patrick Wolf in a duck jumper, I'm going to use it. Every single time.)