"I hate being sick!" / "You should take is as a holiday." / "Ïndeed." / "Well, being sick is not so miserable after all."

"Everything that I draw sucks." / That kind of feeling today.

" I'll draw a little more and feel even more miserable." / An advertisement break / "Guess which movie is on TV on thursday?" / Dead Poets Society!!! / "I highly recommend watching it!"

"I feel like eating Pannacotta." / "Well, why not make it." "Yeah, I could." / "I would be the best wife ever." / "Okay, there should be all the ingredients..." / " Ready! Now I'll just leave to it congeal outside over the night!" 

In the morning: "What, it hasn't concealed at all!" / "I was supposed to have a jelly but now it's just some soup!" "How many galetines did you use?" / I didn't cry for real. / "Like the recipe said, two and a half!" "That's way too little, you have to put at least ten!" / "An incorrect recipe again!" "Well I don't think so. I didn't read this correctly." / "It says 1/2 dl milk, you put half a litre." / "But I didn't read it inccrectly. I didn't read that part of the recipe at all." / "Sound pretty damn stupid but I have an unbreakable logic for that." / It's just hard to explain.

Today I baked sweet bread. They turned out to be fantastic. / "Ps. I can play the piano and there's for example Wilde's books in my shelf. You should get to know me."