Two things that have formerly influenced my character / Moab is My Washpot by Stephen Fry and The Ark / Greatly because of them I am what I am nowadays. / So thanksies!

"Right now I'm sitting in the waiting room of the neurological policlinic, at the Hospital of Hyvinkää." / They did only all these funny tests. / "Touch the tip of your nose with your finger." / I never make it. / In December I'm having the MRI of my brains! / "I've had little worrying symptons so we're testing a bit now..."

"Lols, this really seems like something written by Mark Gatiss." / "...And there's a reason for that..."

"Emma, can I take a look at your sketchbook before you start drawing?" / "No. No way. No. These are so embarrassing. Nononono." / "...Okay then." / "You're not allowed to judge me because of my sketches." / "Like for those naked Holmeses." / "Nothing's more horrible than sitting next to you're friends that are looking at your drawings."

"Damn it, I'm going to be "an artist" anyway, I'm the best and I'm going to get some work and I won't starve to death." / The next day... / "Buhuu I'm just a complete shit really, what am I going to doooo?!" / Ah, the changes of opinion and mood!

Miten mulla on sellainen olo, että mun blogin taso on laskenu viime aikoina kuin lehmän häntä. Apua.

I don't know why but I feel like the quality of my blog has decreased a lot lately. Help.