One lovely day in London that I haven't drawn yet / I wasn't going to visit International War Museum because I had been there once a few years ago and it isn't probably the most cheerful place... / "But then I got to know this one lovely girl who worked there as a volunteer and so I went there anyway." (Even though I knew she wasn't working there that day.)

Half an hour before the tour begins! I have almost time to finish HOUN. / But apparently there isn't enough seats, is it true that they only have three seats in the whole museum? / Well, I can do this too. / The tour was like the best ever. / "It means that you cant hear them!" On the tour there were two max 8 years old boys who knew just about everything about WWII. I was quite amazed. There were others too but I can't remember them. 

After tour at the museum I felt like A) Now I understand a little better what Einstein ment when he said that he knows what kind of weapons people will use in the fourth WW. B) Today needs a literary date with myself. / A Lilterary date by yourself (one of my favourite hobbies) You only need: yourself, a book, a cosy place, food if you get hungry / Not everyone uses the same name about this thing.

The nasty thing was that I just finished HOUN in the tube. / "ACD you're so lovely!" This old lady sitting next to me smiled a she looked at me. / I made a journey to Leicester Square. "I'm at Foyles again, what a surprise." / Because I'm a bit stupid / a signed copy / who does this kind of thing? / So hard to guess my interests / I bought three books. / I never buy anything unnecessary.

And then I went to Mark and Spencer's too / strawberries, salad, a mini jar of milk / and then to Green Park / It was lovely.

This has happened to me about 10001 times / Georgy is a nice guy: his favourite band is Queen, he sings in choir (and all the time during spare time) and is also a masterwhistler.

Spruit / HOWWW have I not noticed this before? / Later: "Mom, you remember that film A Room With a View, right?" "Of course!" / "And there's this scene where they run around the lake naked." "Yeah." / "This guy who plays Helena Bonham Carter's character's little brother." "He's one of the leading actors in BBC Sherlock." "Who?" /

"Rupert Graves. He's DI Lestrade." "That guy who's the little dark-haired kid? I don't remember seeing him in Sherlock." / "Yeah. He's just ace: he run away from home at 15 and joined circus." "Your life is based on founding out things about some actors' lives." "Yeah, but I get to know that A Room With a View thing by accident." / "Hahaha young Rupert Graves swimming naked!" / "I guess I have to buy that film, it's lovely anyway." / "This is part of the series: 'things about which my friend Noora says: 'Emma, if you were straight, you would seem like a perv.''" / "I regret nothing."

Hmm hhmmm HHHMMM miksiköhän mä menin ja piirsin tämän. Miksi.

Hmmm HMMMM I wonder why I drew this. Why.

At the critique / "You have this kind of a strong line." "Yeah." / "Do you have some sort of manga background?" "Yeah, I'm that kinf of a animu nerd." / I hope hope hope that she won't ask me if I have a manga background. / Nothing wrong with it but my works from that time are so horrible that I would feel like I hadn't gotten any better in these 5 years.

Look, I have received a message. What is it about this ti-- / --me. WHAT. "Hello, would you like to go to Paris for a week, school pays about everything." I changed the wording. / "I would I would I would!" / It seems like I'll go to France after couple of months.