"Think about how much he has changed!" "Yes, he used to have a bad posture and a plump tummy, but nowadays...!" / "Well, he still has a bad posture though." "And a plump tummy. But in a different way." / We are so lovely.

Last spring my Mom gave me an Audrey Hepburn film box. / "Well I already had Breakfast At Tiffany's (which I don't like at all) so I gave my old DVD to Karla. I didn't need another when one was too much." / After a few days Karla was like: "Here's some film called Dead Poets Society. Haven't seen it myself, but..." "Okay, thank you! (What was it?)" / And later at home: "Why knows, this might even be good." "Emma, is that Dead Poets Society?" "Yes, why?" "There's Robert Sean Leonard in it, right?" / "What, really?" / Robert Sean Leonard, oh joy! (for instance House MD's Wilson)." / I never watched the film, I don't even know why. Perhaps I was busy and stuff.

But today: "Well now I've got time, I'll watch it while painting a birthdaycard to Mom." / "Nothing special I guess but there's RSL so whatever." / So I watched the said film. / Usually my expression scale while wathing a film is something like this: / But when I watched Dead Poets Society it was roughly: / In other words, I fell totally in love. / "I've never cried that much while watching a film, really. Incredibly good, in my opinion!"

"Samppa hey?" "Yes?" "Have you recieved any interesting mail lately?" / "??? No?" "You know when you and Lauri were means to Liina and me we ordered you a ---" / "So it was you who ordered me those dypers!" "Yes!" / "For xxxxxx's sake, my family laughed their arses off when they arrived! I put the blame on Osku!" / No one irritates me and Liina without consequences! "I wonder what next...?"