This one day / My hair has grown again. Not a miracle though, I guess the last time they were cut was in June. / 20 minutes until the bus leaves, I could have time to cut my fringe. / Ha ha how short! / Doesn't matter! My brow gets some air. / Sometimes I think that those people who pay a lot attention to what they look like may have a lot more to worry about every now and then.

"I can't believe that Päivi Räsänen (a Finnish politician (and a total twat in my opinion)) has made it into medical school." / "Maybe I'll become a politician too." / "How surprising that no one got this amazing reference, too. Damn it, people." / Clearly my silly jokes were not silly enough already.

Hahahahahahahaha onneks tajuun ite kuinka hauska oon. Mycroft-läppä paras läppä.

Luckily I myself know how funny I am. Jokes about Mycroft are the best jokes.