Thursday was Petra's birthday. We went to see 50/50. / "I hope they'll show good trailers." "Yeah, that's the main point surely." / "HEY , this music is definitely by Abel Korzeniowski!" / "Yes, this is the new film by Madonna, it has Abel's music!" "I'm so going to watch it." / "What, wow, this is Patrick Wolf's song now!" "Patrick's music in a trailer!" / "Really, Time of My Life, this is the besttttt." / "Both Abel Korzeniowski and Patrick, I just might be dying." / I'm such a good movie company.

The film itself was funny and cute / "Why are we the only ones laughing?" / As an over-emotional person I might have cried a bit. / Nothing new, this. / Later we went shopping a bit. / I bought a shirt that I've been thinking about for months. IT HAS HATS ON IT. / and supercheap but high-class and cute shoes (to be used in spring). / All is fine.