We were at a video renting shop one day. (Is that word still at use, people hardly rent videos.) / "Well, what shall we watch now?" "No idea." / My suggestions: / Noora's suggestions: some Spanish thriller

...We may like a little different films... / At last: "Okay, I'll point at some random film and we'll think about watching it." "Right-O." / "Flying Scotsman. Sounds very dumb. And the main cast..." / "This is what we'll watch."

Later... / "We're watching a movie about bicycling, you know." / "I'll watch a movie about candle dipping if there's Billy Boyd in the leading role." / Bonus: / "Emma there's a movie about Dorian Gray!" / "Oh that one? I've heard it's horrible and I've seen some clips and it's horrible." / "Oh yeah that is a very bad version, it doesn't follow the book at all." Note: I don't know this person. / "I don't mean that a film should always be very faithful to book, V for Vendetta is not but it's still very good. But that Dorian Gray is not." "Yes, that's what I've heard." / I love it when people come talk to me.

Yleensä mulle tosin tulee juttelemaan viiskymppiset stadilaiset bisneksistään, ei parikymppiset pojat Oscar Wildesta.

Usually when people who I don't know talk to me they are 50-year-old capital-born guys telling about their businnes, not 20-year-old guys about Oscar Wilde.

Everything you have to know about the film Sherlock Holmes : A Game of Shadows. And really, you don't have to know even this. / "My new disguise is invincible!" "Holmes what about my stag party?" / A Technical discovery: bigger gats!!! / Moran is a crack shot but he never hits anyone. Max. once in a year a pointless sidekick. / Mycroft is out of his mind. "Mary dear why are you so baffled?" Don't worry, Stephen, I'll always love you. / Funny gay jokes. "Yay let's lie on the floor together!" Not. / True friendship. "Whinewhinewhinewhine" Not. / "Would you now kindly remind yourself why did you even draw this."

Mua pikkasen huolestuttaa tän postaaminen, täähän voi vaikka spoilata. Älkää huoliko, ylläoleva ei varsinaisesti kerro mitään olennaista elokuvan juonesta.

I'm kind of worried about posting this, this might spoil and all. Don't worry, that thing above doesn't really tell anything important about the plot.