"I went to a shop yesterday and there was a huge pic of Hugh Laurie. At first I was like why but they I saw that there's a new scent for him." / "Hugh Laurie-scent! Shall we use it?" / "And if there's a Hugh Laurie scent, when will they make that Stephen Fry scent?" / "If they make a Mark Gatiss scent, I'll begin using it AT ONCE." "Yeah Emma you're not a friend of mine then anymore." "But that would be brilliant!" / "I wonder what it would smell like, Tardis and hammer films?"

Kiusallista kun haluis päivittää blogin muttei oikein saa piirrettyä mitään fiksua. No joo, jos joku tuo markkinoille Mark Gatiss-tuoksun, oon ensimmäisenä kassajonossa. Kamoon, siistein juttu ikinä. Joskin saatoin olla valitettavan yksin mielipiteeni kanssa.

It's awkward when you'd like to update your blog but cannot draw anything clever. Well, if someone releases a Mark Gatiss scent, I'll be the first in the queue. Come on, the most wonderful thing ever. I might have been sorrowfully alone with my opinion, though.