I returned home on Friday evening. I spent four-hour boat trip sitting on same sofa, listening to classical music and reading Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. "With this bunch of bags I'm moving nowhere." / I also paid attention to / "Damn, Finnish people haul a crapload of booze to home!" / The funniest sights were these ladies with perm, knit garnment, pearls and ten twelvepacks.

On Saturday the water didn't run so I went to movies spontaneously. Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy at last! / I finished reading the book right before the film begun. / Haha, when the previous screening ended a bunch of Sherlockians came from the theatre. "Where do I put this Moriarty Was Real-sticker?" "On that face!" / I laughed a bit. / The film was... well, what do I say. "I have a lot to say abouyt this movie that I've been waiting for about a year." "I really can't say anything that wouldn't be a lifelong lecture." / When I came home I gave an account of it to mom. She was upstairs. / "Emma I can tell that you haven't talked to anyone in three weeks!" "Yes I know. But listen to me now, this is important for me and I want to say this!"