Well, I guess I could draw about this... Yeah... / So, it was not only my first time seeing Patrick but also my first ever club concert.

I was exhausted (last night was a late one, we watched cartoons with Petra. I slept ~ 12 hours but was tired anyway. / Queueing outside at 18 6 PM! / Bill Bailey haven't got curly hair! / People queueing with me seemed sweet, two hours went well while listening to music. / And then we waited an hour mote before getting into the hall! / Holy cow is that William? I hope people know how to behave!

And the yet an hour more in the hall before the concert begun! / Yay, somewhere between third and second row, exactly in front of the mic! I see so well! / They will definitely start with Hard Times and end with The City! / And then at last! / (Why am I still so tired all the time that I can't draw anything at all?)

Well, it was magnificent. Best songs: / Wait a sec I can't decide, I'm going to write the whole set list... / A Lovely surprise: / "Help, is this..." / "Joni Mitchell's All I Want! Patrick, you're the best!" / I was tired but happy. (And Patrick was tired too I think, it was the third lastest gig of the whole tour... / And then I bought myself a t-shirt of course.

And now I've been so tired the whole week that I can' hardly hold a pen anymore. / How can I be so tired? / And because of that this things is sort of crappily drawn.

Uh huh, tässä sarjiksessa on kyllä harvinaisen vähän järkeä. Pähkinänkuoressa, oli mahtavaa, oon ollut maanantaista lähtien hemmetin väsynyt, sillä perustelen myös kehnon sarjislaadun. :)

Uh huh, there's unusually little sense in this comis... In a nutshell, it was amazing, I've been horribly tired since Monday, I put the blame of crappy quality on that.