For half a year Salla and I have had conversations of a particular kind every now and then. / "You have to draw about IT!" "Maybe when I don't feel like puking every time I think about it." / "I finally updated the blog!" "Well NOW you have to draw THE THING!" / "Now that I have my anniversary and winter hols coming up I finally decided to draw that thing." "YAY!" / So here it is. (Dedicated to Salla who is my partner in crime.)


If you have talked with me more than 10 minutes during this past year... probably know that my life revolves around Victor Hugo and Les Misérables in particular. / I'm not even going to get into this because if I do I will never stop. That's been tested. / Anyways, last August I went to London to see the musical in West End. / Excluding those three days I worked the whole summer. / The musical itself was FANTASTIC. "Omg did Marius punch Montparnasse? I can't!" Not that I expected anything less. / But then happened the thing that proved that I should not be allowed to go outside: STAGE DOOR.


I was really looking forward to meeting lovely Éponine aka Carrie Hope Fletcher and charming Enjolras aka Anton Zetterholm. / And we were not alone, the place was crowded! / Most of them wanted to meet Carrie / but we too got to say hi and take our photographs with her. "Let me take another one just in case! Thank you!" / We were in the middle of the crowd when... / For some reason no one paid much attention to Anton Zetterholm. / Well, except for me. "Holy cow, he's leaving, no one's stopping him, I must tell him how brilliant he was, omg, I have to catch him! Move, woman, move!" / *SNAP* / So I ran straight towards this guy and bumped into him.


Oh my god what the hell, I just jumped at a total stranger! / "Were you going to hug me?" "I'm so sorry!" / "I don't know what came over me! I was just so excited about meeting you because you were incredible! I'M SO SORRY!" "Yeah, we're crazy fans from Finland." / Well, at least I met Anton Zetterholm. And at the same time attacked and hugged him. / When we had taken our photos with him and said goodbye: / "What happened?" "I don't know! I lost my mind!" / "I'm so ashamed I feel physically ill." / And this is one of the most embarrassing moments of my life. Buuhuu.

Anton on onneksi Ruotsista, se varmaan ymmärsi. Mutta mulla on tällainen "takas hevosen selkään"-periaate: tarkoitus on mennä toukokuussa uudestaan samaan paikkaan.