Once again I woke up at two o'clock in the night (this happens o-f-t-e-n) and couldn't fall asleep so I strated to listen to A Single Man's OST. "And it came to me that I never drew" "what I thought about the original, a novel by Christophee Isherwood." / Before reading A Single Man I had read gentleman's work Mr. Norris Changes Trains. It was a very amazingly great, sophisticated story about Berlin in it's glory in the beginning of 1930s. / "Oh dear, I have a new favourite author." I fell in love.

When A Single Man arrived (after a painful wait) to the shop, I went to get it at once. / "I have A Single Man!" "At last!" "Parties!" / ASM is a small book, and luckily I had a double free period, so that's when I read it. / In the end: A Single Man is one of the rare pieces of which film version I prefer to the original book.

The book is a very fine small piece and I like Christopher's way of writing and use of words more than anything. The themes of the book and the film are anyhow very different and in this case I find the film to be more fascinating. / "George of the book is a castway outside of the society" " George of the film is a castaway who has lost the love of his life." / And I'm a CLOSET ROMANTIC.

So even though the book is great it didn't touch me as much or leave me as speechless or wasn't simply as beautiful as my number one favourite film. / "Christopher Isherwood, I <3 U, but your A Single Man didn't meet my expectations. / But then again I expected it to be the best book ever so it's probably my own fault. / "I should actually read it again without thinking it to be the same thing as the film." I might like it more.

"A Single Man could be a extremely capital book if Tom Ford hasn't directed the most beautiful film of it."  And this opinion has been built on the feelings and the values that have been developed in the shadow of my upbringing, education, inheritance and experience. Get to know these and buid your own opinion! (Oh, it's 4:17 am, I should wake up around five.) I'm pretty sure I'll read this scribble tomorrow and be like "what the hell."

Tämän päivän tapahtumien valossa tämä yöllä piirretty merkintä tuntuu vähän turhalta. Mitä tänään olen sen sijaan oppinut: olen saanut ympärilleni ihmisiä, jotka ovat valmiita vaikka kantamaan minut ylös portaita, kun jalat ja kädet lakkaavat toimimasta. Tänään on kaatuiltu ympäriinsä, isketty pää kertaalleen lattiaan siinä sivussa ja itketty ties kuin monelle ihmiselle, mutta toisaalta tutustuttu bussipysäkillä auttavavaiseen ja suloiseen tyttöön, lokoiltu ystävän sohvalla pälpättämässä, soitettu moitteettomasti rumpuja koulun joulujuhlassa ja todettu, että maailmassa on aivan hemmetin ystävällisiä ja ihania ihmisiä. <3 Kiitos kaikille henkisestä ja fyysisestä tuesta tänään.

In the light of today's events this nightly entry seems a little pointless. What I've learned today instead: around me there's people who's even ready to carry me up the stairs when my hands and legs stop working. Today I've fallen down, hit my head on the floor aside that and cried to god knows how many people. But then again I've met a helpful and a sweet girl at the bus stop, lounged on a bed of a friend of mine and just chatted and chatted, played the rums without any mistakes at school's Christmas feast and noticed that there's some goddamn friendly and lovely people in the world. <3 Thanks to everyone for both physical and spiritual support today.