Okay, first wolrd problems number 32714: "I bought the whole Lucifer Box set the other day." "But at the (and this) moment I was reading this very interesting book!" "And I wouldn't like to begin that 'reading ten books at the same time'." There was a horrible situations ahead: I wouldn't want to stop reading a good book but I'm not sure if I can resist Mark Gatiss' call.

In the end the problem solved itself (this morning). "I'll watch ten Mark Gatiss' interviews and that QI episode he's in." / "Okay, they can burn all the other books for all I care, I'll start reading The Vesuvius Club right now."

I think I have to tell you how I ended up bying Lucifer Box-box. "I've been looking for Jeremy Brett's biography but apparently there's only one edition from 1997. / So guess what, I can't find it anywhere. / "Not in Foyle's, Blackwell's, not in any of Soho's bookshops, nowhere!" "How is it possible that there's for instance 7 different books about Doctor Who in one book shop but none about Jeremy Brett?"

In the evening I was walking around Picadilly Circus and found this huge bookshop. "Argh, it's over eight o'clock, it's definitely closed already!" / "There's still lights on, though." / "The door is open! I'll just pop in quickly..." / "Biographies on the third floor!" / The world record of climbing stairs

The biggest selection this far." / "And it isn't here!" / "Hah, they have framed photographs of authors who have visited this shop, for intance Eoin Colfer..." / And suddenly

"Mark you perfect human being what are you doing here?" / "Embarrassing, I didn't even remember that he had written "real books" too..." / "OK,  won't leave this place without a book by Mark Gatiss, they must have it." / And guess what, the complete Lucifer Box set which cost only £12,99. / "The greatest materialistic happines in a long time!"

If you don't know who Mark Gatiss is, I'll tell you / He's one of the loveliest people on earth. / That's all.

This book belongs to series "books that should not be read when you are 1. drinking something 2. eating something 3. well, in a nutshell, when a sudden bursting into laughter for next three minutes would be detrimental. Says this person from 12 pm London-Luton train. "NOOO I can't breathe gahgahaahhaahhahah."

Tässä meni kyllä kronologinen järjestys pyllylleen, mutta mun oli ehdottomasti päästävä levittämään ilosanomaa tästä ihanasta ihmisestä. Mun elämä sisältää tällä hetkellä niin paljon Mark Gatiss-ylistystä, että perhe on jo sekoamassa.