Mitä noituutta, jo toinen päivitys viikonlopun aikana! Minulla täytyy olla todella tylsää. Eiku.

What is this sorcery, another update during the weekend! I must be really bored. I mean.

I ordered myself a tablet about a week ago and of course its arriving takes ages and ages and ages and I want it now! / I guess I must draw traditionally then.

Once at a biology lesson / "While looking over final exam papers --> "I felt like laughing when when I was reading about the sex life of pandas for the twenty-fift time. Like, what have you concentrated on?" "Students, what the?" / Another time at a biology lesson / "Ok, after this document it's impossible not to remember about the sex life of pandas." "Pandas meet each other so rarely that they don't really know how to reproduce. Because of this, people have built panda gardens where they show teaching videos to pandas." / If there's a question about pandas in the next year's final exam too, I'll know what to do.

Being home alone is the best thing ever.

Kyseessä on aivan oikea kappale. Uskokaa tai älkää, mutta Grand Moff Tarkin oli/on vieläkin yks mun lempparihahmoista Uudessa toivossa. u___u

It's a real song. Believe it or not, Grand Moff Tarkin has always been one of my favourite characters in The New Hope.

"I bought this moustache!" / "Your chest looks like a face." / "What?" "Your boobs are the cheeks, cleavage looks like the nose and then there's the moustache." / "Right, I should definitely draw eyes here." "Yup." / "Sorry, I keep staring." "Yes you do."