When I fell down last Wednesday I hit not only my head but also my arm. / "And of course the left one!" "Now it hurts so fucking much!" Damn big bruise / "If it's likely that you have a serious, semirare, neurologic disease:" "Don't try to climb stairs that don't have a handdrail without help when your legs are not working."

Today has been a nice day. / Even though I couldn't go to movies with Noora since I slept only a couple of hours and the last time I didn't sleep well and left home the results were nasty." / So I've hanged out at home in my PJs. / But the post carried me Patrick Wolf-Christmas cards from Germany, Poland and England. / I finished E. M. Forster's Maurice. (It's a lovely book written in 1913-14 but released only after the author's death in 1971.)

I may have cracked up a little to the Finnish version's back cover from 1987 / "This is horrible!" Now as a book and a movie an exquisite and unusually fresh story about a sensitive matter. / (There's like homos and stuff.) / And now I'm reading A Room With A View by same author. / If you didn't know, my favourite period is the Edwardian. For instance the best clothing and fashion ever.

But we'll see what happens to updating, my supershitty computer just gave me his notice. / "Nothing much, I haven't been to computer a lot lately anyways..." I'm avoiding Sherlock spoilers like a plague! / "But how am I going to check the timetable for buses or update the blog?"

Piirsin tän jo 23. päivä, ja päätin nyt heittää tänne vaikken enää näekään tässä juuri mitään järkeä. Olinkohan mä jossain särkylääkehuuruissa. Ps. Tänään on Tolkienin synttärit, bileet!

I drew this already on 23rd day and decided to throw it here even though there's no reason anymore. I wonder if I was drugged by the painkillers. Ps. Today's Tolkien's birthday, let's party!