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I can't quite remember who I was a year ago. / But I mean, I can't have changed that much. Even though it sometimes feels like it. / Well, fortunately I know who I am right now. / I will never want to move into a town where I can't go to pat the walls of a 700-year-old castle / I study in University of Turku where I major in English and minor in contemporary history, gender studies, media studies and classics. / I am a queer feminist. / My favourite books are Les Misérables by Victor Hugo, The Iliad and To Kill a Mockingbird. / I try to buy only things that are vegan. / I look forward to February because I've got a ticket for Frank Turner's gig. / When I smile the corners of my mouth don't really turn upwards (and I think my smile may be the ugliest one in the world). / I'm very good at screaming loudly and high. / I go to sleep rather late and wake up early = sometimes I sleep very little. / At the moment I have 22 library books in my room. / I have an old globe (which is Swedish). / I wear either dresses or a band/fan tees. / My alarm clock tone is Do You Hear The People Sing (from 2012 Les Mis soundtrack) and my ring tone is Les Amis d'ABC (Original French). / I would like to learn to kickbox. / My friends are so cool that I have no idea why they hang out with me.

Jos saatais tää blogikin taas herätettyä henkiin.

(Koska oon vannonut pyhästi ystävälleni Sallalle että postaan tänne sarjakuvan siitä, kuinka nolasin itseni erään viehättävän musikaalitähden edessä.)