Last week: / Emma, your hair looks horrible. / "Go to the hairdresser's or I can cut it, you just have to do something." "Yes yes." / Today: / "I really have to do something to this hair." Last cut was made by me ages ago. / I have had about the same hairstyle since I was 11 years old (if you don't count the times i tried to grow it due to some brain mistake.)

"Mirkku guess what, I'm going to get an exciting haircut!!" "Yay!" / "Your hair have always been a little aunty, this is good!" "Eh." / But when I tried to get myself an appointment to the place I usually go to (last time was... some time ago, though.) / "There's time for your appointment on week million at nine in the morning." "Well, okay, I just take a look at my calender and call you again." / Well? / "Guess what I'm going to do." "What then?" / "Print out some pictures of Patrick Wolf, walk into the first hairdresser I can find on Helsinki's Road and am like 'can you cut my hair like this right now?'"

"Yaaay! Do it now before you come into your senses!" "Heh." / I guess I never came into my senses then. / "Oh shit I'm an idiot, I've never seen any customers in this place, says something about the quality,,, But I'm desperate." / After half an hour / Yay! / This is just what I wanted! I've never had such an amazing haircut! Can't draw it correctly though. / Prepare yourselves, I'm going to have this for a longgggg time.

Joo, yrittäkää pysyä housuissanne, tiedän että tää on tosi jännittävää. Mut oikeesti, mulla on ollu samanlaiset hiukset noin 7 vuotta, oli aika jännää kokeilla jotain erilaista. No hyvä että kokeilin, tätä kelpaakin pitää sit seuraavat seitsemän vuotta.

Don't get too excited, I know that my life is riveting. But for real, I've had same kind of hair for about 7 years, it was time to try something new. I'm glad I did, I'm going to keep this for the next 7 years.