"Howdy. I'm home, having some kind of a cold." / I feel like / And what is more, I have an exam week next week and I have to read this and that. / If I can say something in French it's that sentence.

Oh this is embarrassing. / And not anything else about that. / "Are you ill?" "Yes." "I can cheer you up: there's no 1500 meters run in the P.E. exam." / "Yay!"

Liikunnan kokeessa ei siis oo 1500 metrin juoksua - oi tätä onnea! (Voi ku ei ois punnerruksiakaan..)

I was at Noora's on weekend. We watched Moomins and played Trivial Pursuit. / "The question is: what is the seventh planet from the sun?" "Neptune? Venus? Mars? Saturn?" "No." / "You know what, it would be kind of funny if you listed all the planets and the last one would be correct." / "Mercury?" "Noora dear, Mercury is the first planet from the sun." "Jupiter?" "Nope." / "Well... well... well... EARTH?!" "Not even that." / And you're so not going to draw about this to your blog!" "Well I so am!"

(Teksti jäi vähän pois elikkäs Muumeja katteltiin.)

And while watching Moomins... / "When you have scrubbed the deck, you will wash all your clothes!" / "You know what, I started thinking about..." "Me too!" / "And then I got this mental image about..." "So did I!" / It's called soulsisterhood. And this happens all the time.