A feast that I hate even more than my birthday: NEW YEAR. "Oh how nice, once again a whole year is over and I've done nothing." / Besides it should always be something great and fancy. Well, usually I'm just depressed and lonely and wretched and miserable.

But this year (and hey, last year was wonderful) / "I don't need to have fun" "At least not like everyone else thinks" "The way I have fun is a piece of cake" / Part 1: "Fringe away from eyes!" Part 2: "Space on my table!" Part 3: "Good music!" / And then draw fanart of canon!Holmes!" / It was an amazing new year, by the way.

This was ages ago when we were watching Dead Poets Society together. / "I always like films that have lots of young schoolboys in the same place!" / "That sentence sounded much better inside my own head." "Yeah, sure."