I saw a dream that they had bought a huge heap of spoiled food. / You had to make a art composition out of them. / This is my piece called agony. Rotten porribe and a banana peel, do you see? / Well, why ever not / "Welcome to art school everyone. Yuck." / But the smell was so disgusting that I couldn't stop throwing up.

"So, what is your article going to be about?" "Stephen Fry!" / "Well who's that and what has he done?" "He is a British actor-director-writer-comedian." / "Ah okay, what has he been in?" "Listing Stephen's roles in series and films" / "Oh... okay. So you're writing about his roles in films?" "What now, no!" / "I'm going to write about him himself, he's lovely and interesting." "But you're examing him through his roles, are you not?" "Who said that, I wonder?" / "Well I guess it's alright that you're making it about someone unknown like that..." "Excuse me, but the fact that you don't know who he is, doesn't mean that he's unknow!"