I often feel like the purpose of the universe is prove me that I can never be happy because my physical and mental attributes. / Buhuuuu! / But of course I have to prove it wrong! / "Take that!" "I'm won't be beaten that easily!"

"What the heck have I counted here?" / "Damn, I'll just count it again straight to the board."

A smiley gave me a challenge: Five things that I like that are mainstream. / "I don't really know what is in and what is out but I'll do my best." Because I'm of course just that underground, ehem. / Number 1: Black clothes. "I used to be very colourful, now I'll just dress up all black. They leave space to colourful thoughts. I'm also fond of leggins and hoodies."

....Ja kuten näkyy, olin laiska enkä jaksanut värittää joten kokomustat vaatteeni näyttävät kumman kokovalkoisilta. Hahaha.

...And as you can see I was lazy and wasn't arsed to colour so my all black clothes look oddly all white. Haahhah.

After my little one was lost my big bro gave me his. Let me tell you, the best pocket-sized device ever. / Heee I love their music! ...Well, I haven't quite ingested their latest album but the first four have been pure gold. My favourite song: X & Y. Soooooo good.

Skulls. Doesn't matter whether human or other creatures'. Love them. (As every other part of the skeleton and body organs and muscles, but I suppose they are not as favoured? There are lot's of skulls in prints and stuff, right?) / Dogs! Well, all animals really. My two favourite races (if we're talking about race dogs) are with no doubt pugs and welsh corgis. They are so cute.

"What are you drawing?" "Just something."  / "I don't like that mole on her cheek."  / "Well thank god I didn't ask your opinion then, because it ain't going anywhere!"

I'm a little high up right now.

Ei mitään erityistä syytä tälle. On kivaa.

For no reason. It's been nice.

A baby waved at me in a tram. / I waved back of course. / I watched Star Wars for the first time in a while. / "The New Hope is still one of favourite film ever." / ...I can hardly stand the new ones, though.

My friends and I went to see The Adventures of Tintin. / At the time of the trailers / "Oh shit is this War Horse?" / "Because if it is there's Benedict Cumbebatch. I should probably warn friends, I might start screaming." / "Benedict Cumberbatch may be in this film." "Oh yeah?" / And then! / "Emma you scared the shit out of me!" "So sorry!"

MM. tämän vuoksi käyn yleensä elokuvissa ainostaan itseni kanssa. Tosin, huomio, onnistui nipin napin olemaan kiljumatta, ainostaan heitin tassut ilmaan ja aloin taputtaa. Harvinaisen lievä reaktio, siis.

This is one of the reasons I usually go to movies by myself. Although, I didn't scream, I just threw my hands up in the air and started callping my hands. Unusually mild reaction, that is.

In my opinion the film was brilliant. / "I've read Tintin ever since I was little." / And for a modern movie it succeeded to hold on to the original atmosphere suprisingly well. / Plus I'm a big fan of Andy Serkis. I can't even say anything clever about him. He's the best.

Tintin seikkailut: Yksisarvisen salaisus - todella viihdyttävä elokuva. Koska me ollaan tämmösii vanhoja käpyjä ei tietenkään kestetty mitään pelottavia kolmedee-systeemejä, mutta orginaali 2D näytti todella mainiolta. Suosittelen.

The Adventures of Tintin - a really entertaining film. We're this kind of oldies so we didn't go to the frightful threedee-system, but 2D was perfectly capital. I recommend wathcing it.