Täällä taas, kaikkien ajat sitten piirrettyjen juttujen kanssa jotka ovat nyt auttamattomasti myöhässä. Mutta koska eilen oli Sherlock-päivä, tää sopiikin hyvin.

Here again, with all these ages ago drawn scribbles which are helplessly late. But because yesterday was the Sherlock day, this is quite suitable.

Something little about Sherlock / "I've been a Holmesian for two and a half years, since I saw Granada's Solitary Cyclist." / So I've had nicely time to get to know Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's creations and different versions made of them. / Some of them are awesome."Soviet The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson!" / And some of them... well... / Ps. I went to see A Game of Shadows in an amazing company, maybe a little more about that later on... / And yup, I was a little reserved when I heard about BBC Sherlock. Like...

"What the, some modern version of Sherlock Holmes? Martin Freeman as Watson and some ugly weirdnamed dude as Holmes? Yeah I think not, I'll not watch this shit!" / Yeah, I am (was?) just this kind of negative idiot. / "But if it makes you feel better the thing above may have taught something to me... Buhuuu I'm so embarrassing." / I gave Beeblock a chance only after I found out that

"Oh what the, Martin Freeman has been casted to Bilbo Baggins' role! Whyyy?" / Yes, I'm still that prejudiced bastard. / "Well oh damn, now I'll have to watch something that has gotten great reviews which has Martin Freeman. I have to learn to like him at least a little. Maybe that BBC Sherlock..."

Joo, en ees tiedä minkä takia olin taannoin niin Martin-vastainen. Nyt oisin ihan valmis nimeämään esikoisen sen mukaan.

I have no idea why I used to be so opposed to Martin. Now I'd be ready to name my eldest after him.

And that was the end of my life as I knew it. Because Sherlock is magnificent. / (Oh Emma what a great idea to draw every character in minutes, I'll definitely hate myself because of this later...) / AAAH was I supposed to say something clever? I love everything. "Every character, clever twists from canon, then again touching faithfulness to Doyle, smart screenplay, supertalented cast, sets, costumes, cutting, NAME IT, I love it for sure."

And I'm especially grateful because the series made me get to know Mark Gatiss. / And even though I might have some little complaints I'm not going to complain because it's useless and nasty. / I <3 Sherlock

Voin myös kertoa, että olin tapani mukaan ihan samperin huolestunut tokasta kaudesta, mutta goddammit, rakastin Scandal in Belgraviaa ihan palasiksi asti. Vautsi.'

I can also tell that in agreement with my habits I was worried sick about the second season but goddammit, I loved Scandal in Belgravia to bits. Wow.