"Emma, wake up, it's already seven o'clock!" "Ugh." / "Get up quickly, you're in a hurry!" "Gugh." / "Actually I can't make it to the first lesson. And I don't have the second one." / "So school doesn't start until 12 o'clock and I have time to watch Beeblock's latest episode!" / "I've never been this glad about alarm clock not waking me up." 

And Hound of the Baskerville! "The best ever!"

Vilpittömimmät anteeksipyyntöni, tää on ehkä rumin sarjis sitten alkuräjähdyksen synnyn. Jos silloin nyt kukaan sarjakuvia piirsi. Ja jos piirsi, nekin olivat varmaan hienompia. Mutta Beeblockin toinen jakso sulatti aivoni yhdeksi isoksi möhkäleeksi enkä osaa enää ajatella.

My most sincere apologies, this might be the ugliest comic since the big bang. If someone was making comics back then. And if they did, they were probably better too. But Beeblock's second episode melted my brains to one big lump and I can't think anymore.