"That one part in Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close is like the loveliest ever, the Hamlet part." "Yes, that convinced me at the latest that Jonathan Safran Foer is a genious, who figures out something like that?" / "Well what is it then?" "Well, he's like..." / "Nowadays there's more people alive than ever have died during the whole history, and that means that if everyone wanted to play Hamlet at the same time they couldn't because there wouldn't be enough skulls."

"Wait a sec, I'll try to find that part." / "It's sort of in the beginning." "Yeah." / "I can't find it." / "Let me try, I might." / "Damn it, I can't find it either!" / "Hmmmmm." / "I really don't need to know some word-for-word quote!"

...But we would have like to say it! (When this happened a couple of months ago.) I found it now, here it is: / Note: Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close is one of the best books in the world.