Kyllllllä, me mainostamme.

The best bookshop ever is: / I visited it for the first time on Wednesday with Basil. / ...But oh well I met the most charming person for the first time so maybe the books weren't my main interest. / "That is to say, I only bought five books that were easily found. I had bought four already from another shop, though, And later on I bought one more." /

"But they were all second hand and I needed them in my life. And it's possible I can't find them anywhere else!" / On the first book-shopping day I bought: (Okay those you could find anywhere but they were second hand) (That one has been imprinted in 1887! Plus three really cute books for art-thingys,,, "Oh dear, I really am impossible with books! /

(Mauricen ostin tosin muualta, samoin Burken elämänkerran ja taideproggiskirjat. Mutta piti ne silti mainita.)

(I didn't duy Maurice from there thought, and not the art-thingy-books either... I just had to mention them.)

"And later I had to take Ida and Lauriina there!" / We almost didn't find the place, though, I hadn't paid attention to the landmarks. Stupid me. "Damn. I can't remember whether I've been to this road or where to turn." / But with a little help from friendly French people we found the place... / "Gosh, what a lovely place!" "The finest bookshop!" / It is full of books, both new and old, there is a reading room upstairs and also a type writer and a piano, which you can play. The paradise of bookworms. /

"If you want to see the higher shelves, you have to use the ladder." / "Yes, I would gladly just live there." / I bought: / "Yes, everything is Forster, I have a new author crush. My heart cried blood when I had to leave a book of P. G. Wodehouses letter there, it cost fourty euros." /

Outside we met a clever guy / "It's cute they have these books also outside." "Right-O." / He had the longest eye-lashes. / We talked a little about differences between language families. / "Well that was one clever guy."