I have the worst concentration ever. As we once again saw a while ago. Or oh well, I don't know, my thoughts just wander. / I was at my piano lesson. "This song could be accompanied for example like this..." / And after a while... / "...And when they make a nice gay film that doesn't end with someone getting beaten up or dying, they cast Hugh Grant in the main role..." "So which one was better?" / "Oh my goodness, should I answer something, I have no idea what this is about." / And then I'll just smile stupidly. It was about some different ways to play the Gm/ as I found out.

Asiaa tarkemmin mietittyäni: mulla on kyllä erinomainen keskittymiskyky, mutta välillä on aivan liian helppoa blokata kaikki ulkoiset ärsykkeet ja keskittyä johonkin aivan muuhun. Joskus se on aivan älyttömän hyödyllistä. Useimmiten kiusallista.

After thinking this through: my concentration is excellent, but every now and then it's way too easy to block all external stimuli out and concentrate on something entirely different. Sometimes it's extremely useful. Usually just awkward.

Sometimes it's annoying that I fall asleep so easily in the evenings. / "Nightwatching is on TV at 22:00-00:00. I''ll rather die than not see it. / At eleven o'clock: