What animals would me and my friends be? / At middle school the gang said that I'd clearly be a seal. / At first I wasn't very flattered but hey: a semicute heap of fat who just lounges on the shore without doing about anything. I can see some similarities. / Petra would be a giraffe / Heli a koala --> as Åetra said: "she just hangs form the tree drugged by eucalyptus. / Emma would be a cat / Mirkku a small terrier

Laura a bunny / Alessandra a red panda / Tiia a lemur / Some time ago Sussu drew herself as a mix of a bunny and a monkey. Heck, it was the truth. / Johanna would be a raccoon. / Ansku a venison / Noora (from school) would be a puma --> darn, I thought about that for ages even though it was so obvious.

Mom would be a bear / little siblings a baby lamb and a goatling / Big brother a grasshopper / Stepdad an eagle owl / Noora a panda / Because everyone I know is a quite large concept, I only drew these. (All of them without a reference!)

Muuran ehdotuksesta mä ja pari tuttua eläiminä! Jee! (Ehkä huomaatte, etten hirveen usein eläimiä piirtele. Pitäis, ne on söpöjä.)

This was Muura's suggestion;me and some people I know as animals! (You can maybe guess that I don't often draw animals. I should, they're cute!)