Ha ha I only just remembered this.

Maybe the best tv-serie that isn't based on a classic book: / "It's awesome!"

A british epochdrama with an amazing cast. I'm in love. / What else can I say, aaaaaaaaa. / The fourth episode of the second series has just been released. / (The awkward moment when you think that there's too many characters and decide to draw the milieu instead.) / I haven't gotten fed up one bit.

I just watched the latest episode... / I think I've never screamed this much while watching a tv-programme. / And at the end of the episode... /"And I should wait a week for the next episode?! I won't make it there alive with this uncertainty!" / I may be a bit dramatic.

I think I'll drown my sorrows with Jeeves and Wooster.

These past few days my schedule has been mostly like this.

Hi, new adventures all calling me / This time, to Scotland!

I will be back on both my and Oscar Wilde's birthday. / So bye!

Syntymäpäivähän on tietysti maailmankaikkeuden typerin juhla, mutta onneksi mulla on sentään paras päivä ikinä: 16. 10. on paitsi Oscar Wilden synttärit, myös Marie Antoinetten mestauspäivä. Ja minähän tunnetusti rakastan Ranskan viimeistä kuningatarta. Ja mikä on myös plussaa: heti seuraavana päivänä on Mark Gatissin synttärit! Jee!

Birthday is the most stupid fest in the universe but luckily I have the best day ever: 16.10 is not only the birthday of Oscar Wilde but also the execution day of Marie Antoinette. I you know that I love the last queen of France. And what is also nice: the next day is Mark Gatiss' birthday! Yay!